Karen Carr Author

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Q & A


  • How did you come up with the ideas for your books

         My grandchildren gave me the ideas.


  • Why do you like to write?

         I love to talk. So it was natural that I would write down what I talked about.


  • Do you do other kinds of writing?

        Yes. I have a novel that is a funny, romance and has a dog as the star. My historic Christian

        fiction is due to be released April 2018.  I have written poems and one was published in Lyrical Iowa 2017. I had two

        a short stories published in anthologies.


  • Did you have a job before becoming an author?


        Yes. I worked at a local hospital for 33 years and retired December 2013. Before that, I was half of a family     

       farming partnership. 


  • Did you read much as a kid?

      Oh, my goodness yes!. I read every chance I could get! Maybe it was too much because I would read when I

      I should have been doing my school work.


  • Did your parents read to you?

      My mother read a lot to me.

  • What was your favorite book that she read to you?

       The was a Little Golden Book named Katie the Kitten. I made her read that so much to me that I could recite it

        myself and made people think I could actually read when I was only three years old. I also loved to hear the book

        of Little Black Sambo. I know it is a "banned" book now, but I honestly didn't think of it in a raceist way at that

        young age. I just loved the idea of the tigers turning into butter!


  • What kind of book did you like to read?

       When I was in elementary school, I liked reading The Bobbsy Twins. As I got older, I read Trixie Belden books,

        moving on to Nancy Drew. I guess I got an early start on enjoying the mysteries. Because now, I read every

        mystery I can get my hands on.


  • Did you read to your children?

       Books were a big part of my kid's lives. We gave them books for every special occasion. They had library cards

       and enjoyed checking books out to take home.


  • What was your favorite thing to do as a kid?

       Reading certainly headed the list, but I did also enjoy going for walks on our family farm. I loved collecting bugs,

       looking at flowers.