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Littlest Penguin, written by Karen Carr and illustrated by KC Snider, is a sweet story about a small Emperor penguin named Pogo, who lives amongst large penguins. After reading the first paragraph, I thought, uh-oh, this is going to be another ugly duckling story. But I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t! The story proceeds with Pogo being ridiculed and feeling dejected. His mother’s insistence that God made him special doesn’t make him feel any better, until Pogo uses his special talents in an emergency and saves a life. Then the others, and Pogo himself, finally accept him for who he is. Stunning illustrations by KC Snider complement the text, and the book includes detailed factual information about Emperor penguins. 
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Karen Carr has created a too often occurrence of ridicule by one’s peers, told through the eyes of a penguin. Children across the globe will certainly feel empathy for Pogo and will find themselves’ cheering for a positive outcome.

K.C. Snider’s illustrations are true to The Emperor Penguin and it’s habitat, making for a splendid adventure.

This cute book will encourage all kids who are teased because they're different, and that happens to lots of children. It also has some scientific information about penguins at the end that will be helpful to kids interested in science.

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